Welcome to Student Adaptations of Shakespeare and Early Modern Dramatists!

It all started on Facebook, where all great ideas are born. Jen Drouin, Liz Pentland, and Joyce Boro were talking about the awesome work that their students had been doing in their Shakespeare classes, and then the stage was set…

This site is a platform to showcase students’ creative engagement with Shakespeare and other early modern dramatists. The texts on the site originally came from students at the University of Alabama, York University, and Université de Montréal. We have expanded our collaboration to include texts from Fiona Ritchie’s class at McGill University. We welcome contributions from undergraduate students at other institutions.

For the purposes of this site, adaptation is defined rather loosely.  Adaptation is any form of rewriting in any genre so long as it goes beyond a translation into contemporary English and engages actively with the source text.


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